Friday, March 24, 2017

The Wonder Woman

She grew up in an era when Wonder Woman was the hero of the
day. The show was a hit. Every little girl wanted to be Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. A truly wonderful woman who was beautiful, strong, smart, powerful, but every inch a woman--beloved by all.

Whenever she and her friends played pretend, she was Wonder Woman, turning in the Wonder-Woman twirl, going from Diana Prince to Wonder Woman in a brilliant flash of light.

She even had Wonder Woman Underoos that she wore until she could no longer wear them. Her little sister had Wonder Woman boots that she wore everywhere with every outfit. Yes, her sister even wore her Wonder Woman boots on Easter Sunday with her pretty, new Easter dress--no matter how much she and her brother begged their mom to make her sister take them off. Her younger sister would throw a tantrum until their mom simply had to give in out of sheer exhaustion. Like herself with her Wonder Woman Underoos, her sister wore those Wonder Woman boots until they fell off her feet.

As the years passed, she forgot about Wonder Woman. Not in such a way that she completely forgot, just forgot in such a way that life went on. The show was eventually cancelled. She grew up. Graduated from high school. Went to college. Got her graduate degree. Fell in love and got married.

And eventually she learned that she was going to have a baby. If the baby was going to be a girl, she would have her own Wonder Woman underoos!

But the baby didn’t make it.

Wasn’t Wonder Woman able to fix anything? Didn’t Diana always twirl around into Wonder Woman and use her magical lasso or her headband or bracelets to save the day? How come she couldn’t use that magic lasso of her deep love this time to make her baby breathe the same way she could get villains to tell the truth?

Wonder Woman NEVER failed.


She ALWAYS got her man. She ALWAYS won the day. She ALWAYS saved those she cared about from certain death.


But this time she was a failure. Even the flash of light when she twirled didn’t change her from plain, ordinary, practically useless Diana Prince into the amazingly wonderful, powerful, strong, practically perfect in every way Wonder Woman. No matter how magical her lasso was, it was powerless this time. Her headband and bracelets couldn’t deflect the enemy’s bullets from taking the life of her Precious. Her invisible plane couldn’t whisk them away to her Amazonian home where magic abounded in a vain attempt to save him.

Wonder Woman NEVER fails.


She ALWAYS wins.


But not this time….

….not this time.

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