Friday, September 5, 2014

How do I explain......

How do I explain to those who love me
the overwhelming pain I feel --
            even after all this time?
No matter how hard I try to explain,
they CAN’T understand my pain --
It did not happen to them --
Their child was not ripped from their womb
            and buried in a dark, cold, lonely grave.
They HAVE their babies.
They CAN’T understand.
            They try, but only fail.
It is impossible to understand my pain
            when your child is sitting in your lap,
            or giving you hugs and kisses,
            or even giving you cause for concern.
You see, you CAN’T understand
            because your child is ALIVE.
Mine is NOT.
            At least, not here on this earth for
            me to hold - to touch - to kiss - to hug - to love.
Please.  Stop trying to understand.
Please.  Stop trying to comfort.
What I need is for you to let me grieve -
            to let me hurt.
I must hurt in order to heal.
You don’t have to understand.
You don’t have to comfort.
You don’t even have to speak.
I simply need you to LOVE.

                                                            - Polly Anna Watson
                                                                        March 2, 2000

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