Saturday, September 6, 2014

Your Ways are not my Ways, O Lord

Your ways are not my ways, O Lord.
I understand that.  I don’t doubt Your ways.
I don’t question Your purpose for my life.
I long to do Your will and follow the
            path You have for my life.
But, I am afraid, of my past and of my future.
I try to follow Your word:
            to not worry about tomorrow
            because tomorrow will take thought
            of the things of itself
                        and to
            Trust in You with all my heart and
            not lean unto my own understanding,
            in all my ways to acknowledge You
            so that You may direct my paths.
But reality hits me like a Mac truck and
I again feel the warm, unmoving body
            of my beautiful, beloved son in my arms.
I again feel his deathly cold skin against
            my lips as I kissed him that one and only time.
I remember all the blood indicating a second loss.
I notice my empty womb when others’
            all around me are full and growing.
Does Your plan for me include such blessings?
The hurt is deep and strong,
But I promise, O Lord my God,
to continue to seek Your will
And to always trust in You.
I still desire that my life be a living testimony of You.
Even when the pain is so overwhelming that I wonder
if the wounds will ever be completely healed -
You are my King, my Lord, and my God.
                                                                        - Polly Anna Watson

                                                                                    April 15, 2000

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